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BAAN Trading Ltd

Amazon Specialists

BAAN Trading Ltd is the retail arm of the company that is dedicated to helping businesses maximise their returns from selling via the Amazon Marketplace.

More people are now using Amazon as their first port-of-call when looking to make a product purchase, so it is essential that brand owners and manufacturers take this sales channel seriously. No longer should companies allow their precious Amazon listings become a free-for-all for 3rd party sellers, hobbyists and amateurs to battle it out with low-quality product descriptions, poor photography and giveaway prices.

BAAN Trading Ltd works very closely with brand owners, manufacturers and distributors, and has extensive experience in helping businesses manage their brands effectively on Amazon – streamlining and simplifying the sales channel, optimising listings, and increasing revenues.

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We understand the value of your brand and we ensure that this value is guarded safely. This means managing your Amazon listings diligently and effectively


Too many low quality sellers often means a race to the bottom. Streamlining the channel brings stability to pricing and allows for higher margins.


Our approach is focused on increasing sales. Helping our customers develop an effective Amazon channel that delivers increased revenues and profits.

Too many Amazon sellers..?

The quality of your sellers is reflected in the quality of your product listings. Sellers that show no interest in improving your product listings can often mean the difference between having your products seen by many potential customers, or seeing them disappear into obscurity along with all the other poorly managed products on Amazon.

Your listings are absolutely critical to your success on Amazon and aiming to achieve as high a Best Seller Ranking score as possible should be considered a top priority.

Here at BAAN Trading Ltd, we know the importance of managing your product listings properly – with care and attention – and we have developed a tried and tested approach that will help secure your product’s place amongst the very top in their category, ensuring a regular high volume of sales at profitable prices.

Sound good? So, how much do we charge?


Unlike marketing agencies, we don’t charge fees. Instead, we purchase the inventory directly from you at a price where we can earn our profits from the margin on each and every sale. With this model, our commercial goals are in perfect alignment with yours.

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